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Not once in the seventeen years since Fauzi Bowo abused his power to throw an innocent father in prison and destroy his family, has Fauzi Bowo broken his silence to explain his actions. Not once! This is either out of arrogance or cowardice, or a combination of the two. Perhaps he has just been too busy making money out of public office!


Fauzi Bowo: guilty of perverting justice, complicity in theft, and the abduction of two children. Indonesians deserve an honourable ambassador. They wait for you to show maturity and personal responsibility.


Your role in assisting Sherisada Manaf, your cousin, in committing crimes and perverting justice, almost certainly played a part in your removal as Governor of Jakarta. You abused your political power to help her distort the truth and violate the human rights of a devoted father. In doing so, you assisted Sherisada Manaf in:


1. Making false accusations,

2. Lying to the press,

3. Committing perjury in court,

4. Bribing judges,

5. Bribing police to produce false evidence,

6. Jailing me, her then husband, on trumped-up charges in order to eject me from my children's lives,

7. Stealing a university education from those children, and

8. Stealing the family wealth I had built up, so she could squander it on herself.


Her deceitfulness and lies are psychopathic. Sherisada Manaf is a criminal and most certainly has no genuine democratic ideals. She fakes whatever it is in her interest to fake, including being pure and religious. She is a fake democrat, yet somehow she, as a member of the Banten Democratic Party, was elected to the DPRD (provincial legislature) and headed her party's Banten Women faction, until she was removed and became unemployed.


Jilbab-wearing Sherisada Manaf seeks power from the gun rather than the ballot box.


Abuse of power and perversion of justice - the facts:

Because of the injustice perpetrated against me, two of my children were without their father for more than fifteen years and, in my enforced absence, the two much-needed quality schools I established in Indonesia were ruined financially and closed. Furthermore, the house I built and paid for in full, was mortgaged to the hilt by Sherisada Manaf. Under her, it became dilapidated and rat-infested, before being foreclosed on by Bank Panin in January, 2011.


Corrupt & Incompetent, Sherisada Manaf is Evicted by Police & Army - 2011

It was at the end of January, 2011, that some 100 police and soldiers evicted Sherisada Manaf from that house, because she was unable to repay the Rp. 2.5 billion debt she had amassed with Bank Panin in my absence from Indonesia. Thus, she squandered on herself everything I had built up, leaving my children only partially educated. Her father, Asmawi Manaf, and her brother, Hendra Manaf, did the same - they almost bankrupted the family.

Sherisada Manaf's stealing, lies and deception continued. In May, 2011, Sherisada Manaf agreed to obtain visas for eleven people from the Bandung area to work in Australia. Her accomplices in this scam were Iza Zulludin Abu Bakar of Jogjakarta (date of birth: 24/09/1950 and understood to be Sherisada's new husband) and Arif Suparman and Edy Zulkifli of Gedung Dezon, Jl. Asia Afrika No. 39, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40111. The people they defrauded were: Ucu Kusdriana, Yohanes Ariyanto, Gungun Gunawan, Iwan Heriyanto, Andi Rezza, Atep Suparman, Antonius Sembiring, Doddy Darmawan, Indah Pratiwi, Asep Darajat Ali Hassan and Vera Veronikato. They paid Rp.110 million; but received nothing for their money.


Sherisada with her victims


False Charges - 2002

In November, 2002, you were complicit in jailing me on entirely false charges, so that your cousin, Sherisada Manaf, could take my two schools from me (Jakarta International Montessori School [JIMS], Komplek ISCI, Jl. Ciputat Raya No. 2 Jakarta 12063 and Balikpapan Independent Personal School [BIPS], Vilabeta Residence No. 26, Jl. Marsma Iswahyudi, Gunung Bakaran, Balikpapan), the large home I had built, my savings, all my personal possessions and, most inhumanely of all, two of my children.

To do this your cousin alleged that, on 26th October, 2002, I savagely beat her, when I did not even touch her. I have never beaten or harmed her and the medical report that was issued the next morning by RS Internasional Bintaro (hospital) proves that she suffered no injuries or bruising. Indeed, several witnesses confirmed this.

Corruption leads to injustice - Criminal Case No. 09/Pid.B/2003/PN.TNG in Tangerang District Court

Despite this, I was arrested and jailed on 6th November, 2002. Several of my representatives have confirmed that you were behind this arrest. The initial aim was to deport me; but, because I would not surrender my passport and be sent away from my children, your cousin had to come up with evidence that I had beaten her. She duly inflicted three very small, identical bruises on herself and obtained a medical report (Visum et Repertum) from Dr. Teguh Daryatno of R.S. Internasional Bintaro, dated 7th November, 2002. This was 13 days after the alleged assault!

The police, prosecutors and the Tangerang District Court judges, of course, would not show me Dr. Teguh Daryatno's contrived Visum et Repertum during my trial. Based on this fabricated evidence, justice was perverted and I was convicted of the crime of assault (Perkara Pidana Nomor Pdm 05/01/2003 Pada Pengadilan Negeri Tangerang). This was despite the judges privately confessing to my representatives that they knew I was innocent. Only the bribes and political pressure from you made this injustice possible.

The conviction was then used in divorce proceedings in the same court (Perkara Gugatan Cerai No.78/Pdt/G/2003/PA.TNG). I had, by that time, been deported and knew nothing about the divorce proceedings until they were almost complete and it was too late. This was clearly intentional, as it was your cousin's aim to take everything I had built up in Indonesia over 13 years from me; but without obtaining the decree absolute for quite some time.


Pathological and criminal adulteress

Why did Sherisada Manaf do this to our children and me? It was because I had asked her for a divorce she did not want. I knew that she was a rampant adulteress and had been unfaithful to me for more than ten years. After suffering many years of this abuse, I had eventually fallen in love with another woman.

Sherisada Manaf has a severe psychological problem (Somatic Narcissistic Personality Disorder) and often behaved in a thoroughly dishonest, treacherous and depraved way. Yet, not once did I strike her. Instead, out of compassion, for her sake and for our family's sake, I took her to a psychologist and marriage guidance counsellors. However, this made no difference and I finally asked for a divorce in October, 2002; but she did not consent.

Sherisada Manaf: being a 'haji' is just a front, to hide her thieving, depravity and falseness. She is a walking disaster who destroys everything she touches.


Sherisada's conduct is immoral and criminal, and is certainly not conduct to be tolerated in a member of one of Indonesia's provincial assemblies in this new democratic era. No doubt that is why she is was rejected and is now unemployed.

You, Fauzi Bowo, are the 'expert' who disgraced his country by incompetence. Your motto, “Serahkan pada ahlinya” (Let the expert take over), is now a national joke.

Your failure as Governor of Jakarta simply compounded this perversion of justice that you were complicit in and shamed your country further. You, it seems, are also a coward for, not once in more than seventeen years, have you contacted me to explain your conduct.

Your abuse of power, to undermine legal processes and perpetrate human rights abuse, is simply unacceptable.



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